It’s always about food costs, food costs, food costs…but what about the cost of parts for your oven and kitchen equipment? We recently sat down with Jonathan, owner of specializes in oven and kitchen equipment and carries products for a variety of brands.
Jonathan, a former owner and operator of a local pizza franchise, understands the importance of low-cost, high quality equipment. “I noticed other franchise owners were always shopping around when it came to food products, but when they needed a part for their oven, they would pay the high prices and think that’s their only option.” Understanding the importance of providing low-cost equipment in an efficient and timely manner, was established. offers online or phone ordering, international shipping, and all in-stock items will ship the same day if ordered by 6pm EST.
“We cater to both the owners/operators of restaurants, as well as to service technicians who purchase our parts to use on service calls,” adds Jonathan. Jonathan also explains the difference between OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket parts. “We carry both OEM and aftermarket/replacement parts, making our site a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of your part needs. OEM parts are distributed directly by the equipment brand. Most of our aftermarket/replacement parts are purchased direct from the same manufacturers of the equipment brand, but are not directly affiliated with them, which makes aftermarket parts much less expensive. Customers are sometimes wary of aftermarket parts, and I understand that. There are certain criteria you should always check when purchasing an aftermarket item because some sellers copy the part and exclude the important safety features to cut costs. Some things to consider are: The country of origin, the name of the manufacturer, the model number, and whether the item comes with a warranty. We stand behind all products we sell, and our aftermarket/replacement parts are made by the big-name, reputable companies within the United States.”
As an operator of a restaurant, one of the worst things that can happen is a major equipment failure that leaves you unable to produce your product – who cares about food costs if your sales are zero! You may want to consider having some basic parts on hand as a back-up, in case of emergency. Conveyor oven belts and motors are just some items to keep readily available. The next time you need a part for your oven or kitchen equipment, remember that price matters, and is there for your oven and kitchen equipment needs.

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