Middleby 27470-0004 Replacement Metal Cooling Fan Guard

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Middleby 27470-0004 Cooling Fan Guard

Cooling Fan Guard is used on the following conveyor oven models:
PS310 - Gas and Electric Ovens
PS314 - Oven, Gas/Electric
PS314SBI - Oven, Gas/Electric
PS360 - Gas and Electric Ovens
PS360-L - Gas & Electric
PS360Q - Oven, Gas/Electric
PS360S - Oven, Gas/Electric
PS360-U - Gas & Electric
PS360WB - Oven, Gas/Electric
PS360WB-L - Tandem
PS360WB-U - Tandem Gas Oven
PS520G - Gas Ovens
PS536 - Gas & Electric Ovens
PS536ES - Ovens
PS536GS - Gas Ovens
PS536GS-1 - Gas Fried Conveyor Oven
PS536GS-2 - Gas Fried Conveyor Oven
PS536GS-3 - Gas Fried Conveyor Oven
PS536GS-RL - Red Lobster Gas Fired, Ovens
PS540 - Ovens
PS540E - Electric Ovens
PS555 - Electric Oven
PS570S - Oven, Conveyor, Gas
PS624E - Electric Oven
PS824E - Electric Ovens

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