MIDDLEBY 30153 Brush Set Replacement

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2Pk genuine brush set for Middleby and Toastmaster ovens.

Width: 3/16" x 1/4"
Length: 5/16"
Spring & Metal Clip, Soldered On End

Fits Models:
Middleby PS520 - Gas Ovens
Middleby PS520E - Electric Ovens
Middleby PS528 - Gas Ovens
Middleby PS528E - Electric Ovens
Middleby PS536 - Gas & Electric Ovens
Middleby PS536ES - Ovens
Middleby PS536GS - Gas Ovens
Middleby PS536GS-1 - Gas Fried Conveyor Oven
Middleby PS536GS-2 - Gas Fried Conveyor Oven
Middleby PS536GS-3 - Gas Fried Conveyor Oven
Middleby PS536GS-RL - Red Lobster Gas Fired, Ovens
Toastmaster TCO2114 - Countertop Conveyor Oven
Toastmaster TCO21140035 - Conveyor Oven
Toastmaster TCO21140063 - Conveyor Oven
Toastmaster TCO21140066 - Conveyor Oven
Toastmaster TCO21140077 - Conveyor Oven