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New Lincoln Wire Conveyor Pizza Oven Belt for 1400 Series Ovens

This new conveyor pizza oven belt replaces Lincoln part numbers: 369816

Belt Specifications:
Width: 30"    Length: 13.33' (160")   Spaces: 11 @ 2.676"
Metal type: Stainless Steel
Non Catch Edging

Splice wire and splice clips (master links)

Pizza oven belt works on the following conveyor oven models:
1421-000-E - Single Belt Conveyorized Oven
1433-000-E - Single Belt Conveyorized Oven
1434-000-E - Single Belt Conveyorized Oven
1450 - Impinger Advantage Gas Oven
1451 - Impinger Advantage Gas Oven
1452 - Impinger Advantage Electric Oven
1453 - Impinger Advantage Electric Oven
1454 - Impinger Advantage Electric Oven
1455 - Impinger Advantage Electric Oven
1456 - Impinger Advantage Gas Oven
1457 - Impinger Advantage Gas Oven