FRYMASTER 8030170 Filter Paper 100/PK

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This Frymaster unpowdered rectangle filter paper has a part number of 803-0170 and works on most Frymaster models. There are a total of 100 sheets per pack.

Dimensions: 19.5" X 27.5"

Filter paper is compatible with the following Frymaster models: BIH152, BIH252, BIH352, BIH452, BIH52, BIH552, BIPH14, BIPH252/255, BIPH352/355, BIPH452/455, BIPH52/55, BIPH552, BIRE14, FH150, FM35, FM45, FM47, FMH50, FPH150, FPH17SC, FPH350CSD, FPH50, FPPH217, FPPH355-SC, FPPH355CSD, FPPH455-SC, H14, H14SC, H17, H17SC, H22, H22SC, H50, H55, JBIH252, KFC18E, KSCF18G, KSCFH18E, KSCFH218E, MH152, MH252, MH352, MH452, MH52, MH552, MJ35, MJ45, MJ47, MJH150, MJH50, MPH14, MPH152/155, MPH252/255, MPH352/355, MPH452/455, MPH52/55, MRE14, PH155CSD, PMJ35, PRO SERIES, SCFD250G-RTI, SCFD50, SCFHD50, Super Cascade 75, WFP347ECSE